"Earn $12,500 over 1 Year with just $250 in Gold-EA Equity Booster Plan"

HOW does IT work?

What exactly is this Gold-EA (Equity Booster Plan)? 

Gold-EA (Equity Booster Plan) Is a managed plan where you open a new account with any broker of your choice, deposit $250 to your newly opened account and connect with Gold-EA (Equity Booster), you will keep generating a profit of $225 per week up to 12 months with top-up add-on guarantee. 

In top-up add-on guarantee, if profit goes short of $225 in a week, we will top-up money to you for whatever missing profit under guarantee. 

I am still confused, please explain with an example. 

This is very easy "No Loss" condition which every Forex User wanted to have. In this Gold-EA Equity Booster Plan, you will create a new account with any broker of your choice and deposit there $250, no less no more than $250 just exact $250. Connect your Broker Account with Gold-EA Equity Booster. Gold EA Equity Booster will generate per week $225 guaranteed profit on your account for complete 1 Year. Let's suppose one bad week if profit generated is $200 instead of $225 guaranteed then Gold-EA ill add missing $25 profit to your connected Paypal account on the instant.  Isn't that amazing? (First week Profit will stay $150+ so make sure the first week not covered under equity Booster. 

Can I withdraw my profit every week from my Broker's account?

This is how it will work: Gold-EA generates per week $225 for you except 1st week, You have to make your first withdrawal of $500 once your profit reaches $1500 on your broker's account. After that keep withdrawing $500 every time it generates $500 profit on top of it. So here is the deal, Gold-EA will generate $1500 out of your $250 Initial deposit, as you see $1500 profit in your account withdraw $500 and keep $1000 in the account, so there will be $1000 always stays in your account. 

Wow, this is interesting! How long will I keep getting $250/Week? 

This is 1 Year plan, you will keep making a guaranteed profit of $225 every week up to 12 months. 

Let me understand! If some week EA generates $100 profit only then you guys send me a $125 which is missing in a guaranteed profit promise? 

This is what exactly we mean :) 

Ok now, what are the charges for this service? 

It's a subscription-based service, It costs you $24.99 per week. Means even after paying this fees you still have a profit of $200 per week from your initial $250 deposit in your broker's account. 

I am Interested, Where can I signup? 

Please click the button below to go on Gold-EA Equity Booster Web and signup there. 


There is a high level of risk involved when trading leveraged products such as Forex/CFDs. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, it is possible that you may lose more than your entire investment. You should not trade or invest unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss.